Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Some Other Pictures I Took Today

My girlfriend says I should put more pictures here to show you what it was like, so here they are (you might be interested to know that I'm sitting in a pad costing £3.4mm in designer clothes - I've earned everything and worked so hard for it - I want to let you know because I'm not pissing your money up the wall).


  1. kelly d. davis2 April 2009 at 03:39

    you are a sick individual to flaunt what you have in the faces of those who have lost what they had.

  2. Thats not what I wanted to do. I do feel sorry for people who have lost their jobs, honestly I do.

    But what you've got to realise in return is that I create a lot of those jobs. If you know anything in banking than consider the ratio of #ops:#traders

    To say we screwed things up is unreasonable. Without our ingenuity there would be nothing to screw up.

    Hence most of you don't understand.