Friday, 3 April 2009

A Public Apology

I'd like to apologise to everybody Ive offended with this blog.

It has never been my intention.

I just wanted a platform to tell my point of view.


  1. - You sound guilty but maybe you don't know why.
    - Most people protesting were not Rioting.
    - Most people protesting actually do have a basic understanding of economics, and aren't naive enough to think that Banks and Pension fund managers are useless.
    - People have a legitimate complaint against the poorly regulated investment banking bubble which has obviously burst. You are a part of that problem, and can't avoid responsibility bye saying "just doing my job" any more than anyone else who does a job badly.
    - You are overpaid. You know that. Money is supposed to represent work done, measure talent, and reward the hardworking. You should be paid well, but you are paid too much. Part of the reason you are guilty.
    - Part of the reason people riot is that they are treated like criminals by default. Much of society looks at protesters as rioters, losers, fools, and hopeless dreamers. Those confused people make up a good chunk, but not the majority. Political protesters are mostly educated, peaceful people, who deserve your respect.

    The fact that you wear designer clothes says a lot. Who do you want to impress? Designer clothes are worn for the label, not the comfort, practicality and hardly the look. Looking good doesn't cost money. But wealthy people like to look wealthy. A need to belong to a community of like minded people. Do you really feel you belong? I wouldn't live in your shoes for long mate. Life's too short. Learn to speak french, play piano, swing-dance, and see China before its too late. A lot of money won't help you with any of those things, really.

    Good luck.

  2. You are just ridiculous.

    After reading this blog I am even more happy to have taken part in the protests. It just shows how much the nutters are not activists but the people they oppose, including this mentally unstable banker.