Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Markets Need More "Family Values"

OK one last post for tonight. You may find it interesting (or on the other hand humbling) that my boss has asked me to come in earlier and leave later tomorrow. This is ofcourse for my own protection. Sure...

And why is this?

Well the fact that the police are uncovering drain covers to check for bombs kind of gives something away. It makes me think that these g20 protests are the new IRA.

This is ofcourse crazy, because the summit is designed to move things forward.

Actually, an interesting quote from our number one guy, Mr Gordon Brown, is that the markets need more "family values."

If the G20 summit tomorrow can figure out a way to do this Im all for it. Until then, Im going to continue placing bets where I can get the biggest bonus. I don't care - I want to retire by 35.

A G20 London Preview

I just came across this video on youtube - if you plan on protesting tomorrow, please comment on this, let me know what you think:

I work in one of the biggest 5 investment banks in the world - I indirectly manage the money in your pension pot. I manage your future! The protests for the g20 London summit are pointless tomorrow - lets look forwards

We need to discuss this!

Another Thing...

Let me just say one more thing...

Im sitting here wathcing the news, seeing all these business boarding up their windows. Its like the IRA is back.

Look, g20 london protests aside, Ive worked bloody hard to get the job I have. I worked hard at school, worked hard at uni, and everday I give blood sweat and tears. The money I earn I deserve.

Its crazy that that g20 london riots are all people who don't understand this!

I work to live - I don't let my job judge me and the protestors shouldn't do this either. Sure things went bad, but the whole point of this g20 summit in London is to correct this.

Lets look forward

Less Than A Day For The G20 London Riots

OK so we are less than a day away from the G20 london riots.  I work in the city in one of the largest investment banks in Liverpool Street and Im starting this blog as a view from what is going on from the inside.

If you've been living under a rock for the past year, the economic world is pretty much in the worst shite its been in since the early 1900's. 

The g20 group is just a list of the largest economies in the world, which represent about 84% of the entire world's economy - so it makes sense for these countries to come together to try and figure a way out of this mess.

This is why I think its crazy that people feel the need to protest in the square mile. I play an important function in the economy - without me prices wouldn't be able to stabalise supply and demand. Protestors are jelous that I am 23 and earning twice as much money as both their parents put together.

But still they feel the need to protest and riot and cause havoc at the g20 in london.

Whatever makes them happy I guess.

There's no need for the g20 riots. The aim of the sumit in London is to reach better monitoring of the banking industry, better communication between regulators, make it less easy for reckless speculatino on behalf of hedge funds and to put constraints on how much banks can lend (in the long run I mean).

Im not a fool though. I know that in reality there is no way to eliminate the billions of dollars of toxic debt. Maybe this is what the g20 london riots are about... actually I take that back, the protestors aren't intelligent enough to understand this.