Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A G20 London Preview

I just came across this video on youtube - if you plan on protesting tomorrow, please comment on this, let me know what you think:

I work in one of the biggest 5 investment banks in the world - I indirectly manage the money in your pension pot. I manage your future! The protests for the g20 London summit are pointless tomorrow - lets look forwards

We need to discuss this!


  1. kelly d. davis2 April 2009 at 03:42

    look forward.. the excitement begins for you eh?
    have you ever lost a job? well get ready.
    when u slave for money, you are a slave.
    when your master decides you fufilled his goals for him, they will cut the fat where you work too.

  2. Fortunately, I am fucking good at what I do - my PnL is just over 20% greater than the trader behind me. I am a star and Im not ashamed to admit it. The only way Im going to lose my job is if the people at the top have monkey brains.

    Im in this for the long haul. (So probably retire in 5 years time)