Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Markets Need More "Family Values"

OK one last post for tonight. You may find it interesting (or on the other hand humbling) that my boss has asked me to come in earlier and leave later tomorrow. This is ofcourse for my own protection. Sure...

And why is this?

Well the fact that the police are uncovering drain covers to check for bombs kind of gives something away. It makes me think that these g20 protests are the new IRA.

This is ofcourse crazy, because the summit is designed to move things forward.

Actually, an interesting quote from our number one guy, Mr Gordon Brown, is that the markets need more "family values."

If the G20 summit tomorrow can figure out a way to do this Im all for it. Until then, Im going to continue placing bets where I can get the biggest bonus. I don't care - I want to retire by 35.

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